I'm the founding engineer at a stealth company.


In high school, I studied a lot of math, beginning with some grad-level Stanford ULO math courses in my sophomore year. I led the team at GravityGames, making the first-ever game to be 3D-printed on the International Space Station. I worked on eye-tracking algorithms at Eyefluence, making an eye-based UI for VR and AR viewers. We were acquired by Google in October 2016.

In college, I was a Venture Partner at Contrary, a university-focused venture fund. I worked on asset diversification at WUIMC, managing the university endowment. I did machine learning research at Delinea, creating identity-as-a-service enterprise solutions. We were acquired by Thoma Bravo in August 2018. I researched concept development in machine learning systems at Rival Theory, designing AI personas of real people. I led Contrary’s accelerator for portfolio companies. I did investment pipeline research for an unannounced fund. I was an EIR at Contrary’s accelerator. I got a degree in math and Spanish from WashU.

I built lots of projects in college, including a bot that found sales intros based on email traffic, a website that created custom clothing designs using AI, and a quarantine virtual fitness community. When I graduated, I become a solo founder. I pivoted from providing infrastructure and marketing testing for small and medium businesses to doing fully automated content marketing, using AI to automatically create ads, articles, and videos for clients. After being paid $10k from clients and raising $100k for an angel round, I took a step back and decided I didn't want to take the money.


I love hiking, playing and watching soccer (YNWA), dancing the tango, eating Zachary's pizza during Warriors games, building things with my hands (once upon a time I won first prize in the California State Fair for my chessboard), playing with my dog, and offering moral support to my girlfriend during 49ers games and Formula 1 races.